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Nullstack is a software development team which formed by people who connected from various countries around the world

What we do

Desktop utilities

We're coming from turbo pascal era and developing intel x86 compatible desktop software since dos/win95 times.

In today's modern world our customers usually asks for digital signage, networking and shell extensions and we're proudly delivered them.

Server side daemons

When you're launching something different than a blog or e-commerce platform you're definitely need a custom software stack to achieve your goal.

Our primary scripting language is Node.js and PHP. Node is great decision for api gateways but our default language is PHP and using our own MVC framework called C.A.I.N on new projects.

Api & webhook integration

If you're decided to take advantage of a web service instead of reinventing wheel from scratch, we're the guys who can connect your platform to third party api services.

We're involved to projects which interacts with Amazon S3, Backblaze, Mailchimp, MailGun, ReCaptcha, Yandex Speech, Twilio, Stripe and a lot more which doesn't fit to this paragraph

What we offer

Live Updates

You can track your project's development status second by second via our progress tracker dashboard

Post support

We're offering monthly ~3 hours of service level agreement (SLA) to fix possible bugs and crash recovery after your project is completed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you didn't like result of work after the delivery, we're putting another milestone for free or refunding up to %70 of your investment.

What we did

Hotspot Client/Server

Our modular framework C.A.I.N used as user daemon for a third party desktop software, dashboard allows to manage users & advertising banners and shows analytics

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Ship & Plane Tracker

This win32 desktop software parses the AIS nmea sentences and visualizes them on it's cached map overlay. Map engine powered by openlayers and developed in node.js

In same year we're created it's ADS-B version for a flight tracker company

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Survey Analysis Platform

It's a basic form publishing system at the core, we put scientific subject analysis system to predict results based on survey feedback

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Bidding System

We're successfully delivered the MVP of the one of our client's bidding & proposal system which they're in business with their product today

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Skywalk Cloud Storage

skywalk is a cloud file storage system for enterprises. it's software stack based on bootstrap and codeigniter framework. also utilizes third party services amazon s3 and mandrill (today it's a part of mailchimp)

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Custom shopping cart

it's hard to get credit when involved to a teamwork project. that's the one of them. our employer asked a custom & secure shopping card. we're handled user decisions & customized orders on client side and delivered to their e-commerce backend with abuse protection feature.

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Blog Management System was the first project which utilizes all features of our private C.A.I.N framework. on the fly web asset compression (aka minification), css merger, article caching system, visitor analytics and technical stats are noticeable features on first sight. also supports multiple languages in admin dashboard.

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Aviation Radio Server

This win32 system service can connect to various audio sources and mix & restream them for a larger audience. it's intended to stream and embed live aviation transmissions to multiple webpages.

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Whitelabel Product: Nullstack Defender

Development of anti-malware sounds like big deal but actually it's not too hard when you already have a fresh database. this win32 software can create checksum of all executables in pc and lookup them in local malware list. also it's monitoring most used folders and automatically initiating scan when new removable disk detected

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Delphi XE2 IMAP Library

multithreaded imap mail library which created for another software development company.

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Why Hire us?

Rockstar Developers

%90 of online software development groups provides service with very low prices to compete with market. usually they're providing service by combining various opensource software which is already existing on web.

This solution might work for you for a moment but it's the only visible side of an ice mountain. few days later this patchy pillow causes glitches and you never find again the same contractor who created it and you will look for another cheap developer to fix it. time is precious, don't enter to this endless loop.

We're starting to each new project with a white sheet and constructing the code from scratch like building a house with playing cards. in this case when you're asked something unique, we will know which card needs to flipped.

Reliable Communication

Do you always hearing positive comments from your contractor? then it's time to find a new one. when you're asked about a feature or function to your project, we will inform you what can be happen, what's the downsides and how many days will be taken. also we will keep you updated by using our clockwork project tracking platform.

Acceptable Prices

Quality comes with a price, we're giving you a project cost by calculating how much business days will be spent and third party services how much charge us. statistics says our average business day costs $25 to each new client.